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Published Works

Adina is a proud author of two self published books. 

A Bird's Eye  is a a blend of post-modern poetry with classic and romantic influence published in 2015.

Wheelchairs, Whips, and Bondage Tape  is a journey that deals with sexuality and body image and how body confidence and autonomy connect with disability. A small collection of essays and poems this chapbook is designed to welcome conversation of a rather "taboo" subject in a rather approachable way published in 2017.

The lesser known project of The Hatbox Collective is a Spoken Word EP that followed soon after Wheelchairs, Whips, and Bondage Tape. Although this was, and is, quite an offshoot project. This little body of work illustrates the desire for experimentation with a nod to a little punk rock grrl influence. 

Listen here.

She also has had some fun performing and writing music with others in the band Sh3ba


Adina has performed in several different settings. From open mics and competitive slams such as Button Poetry to book store readings at Minnesota's well known Magers and Quinn, or Duluth's famed FEMNFEST  of 2017 and 2018 while giving a go at playwrighting at Gladfly's productions with a co-written play titled "The Golems Protect Themselves" with fellow poet Jasper (Rubin) Hardin in 2019. She's open to just about any opportunity to spread her wings creatively, alongside putting together benefits and group performances such as "The Art of Rebellion"  in order to share sacred space with musician Tzipporah Johnson and writer/performer Rubin Hardin. More recently, she has spoken with other disability advocates during conferences on the subject of disability and sexuality for Mad Hatter Wellness re: sexuality for all abilities.

Press and Media

Adina has done some talking over the years. 

Here is what she had to say for...

Twin Cities Daily Planet


KFAI Radio


Her work has been mentioned in Sexuality for All Abilities: Teaching and Discussing Sexual Health in Special Education by Katie Thune and Molly Gage